Heavy Duty Multi-Catch Live Mouse Trap

  • Durable, long-lasting, humane mouse trap made from galvanised steel, catches up to 10 or more live mice in one setting
  • Reusable, metal mouse trap will catch multiple mice without killing or harming them; safe for use around pets such as cats and dogs
  • Self-setting mechanism is suitable for use in homes, sheds, outbuildings, farms, garages, barns, on commercial premises and outdoors in gardens; use where conventional snap traps or poison baits may be a hazard, for example in kitchens, food stores or child and pet areas
  • Live catch mouse trap has a clear, flip top lid. It’s easy to see when mice have been caught and simple to clear out the trap; trap has two points of access to attract mice to enter
  • Slim, unobtrusive, humane rodent trap catches mice alive; rust-resistant galvanised steel is long-lasting, mice cannot chew through the metal and escape
  • Poison-free alternative to rid your home of mice
  • Bait using The Big Cheese Fresh ‘n Tasty Mouse & Rat Attractant (#163)
  • Remeber to check traps regularly
  • Available in English/Spanish and English/French packaging
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