Fresh 'n Tasty Bait

Catch more mice and rats with our irresistable range of Fresh 'n Tasty traps
What is Fresh ‘n Tasty bait?

The Big Cheese produces pre-baited traps to make the process of trapping rats and mice easier. We include the bait to remove the hassle of deciding which bait you should use. There are many bait options available but we’ve designed our Fresh ‘n Tasty bait with effectiveness in mind to increase catch rates.

Fresh ‘n Tasty Bait is proven to attract rodents with an increased catch rate compared to scented pedals and other attractants.

What is the Fresh ‘n Tasty bait made of?

Made from 100% natural ingredients, the bait is ideal for use around children and pets. There are no poisons or toxins involved.
We use the same formulation in #163 Mouse & Rat Attractant.

How effective is the bait?

A prune-based, long-lasting attractant, the scent lures rodents to the trap for eating and as it’s a sticky substance, the rodent can’t run away with it. They’ll need to step onto the bait pedal to lick the bait away, triggering the trap.

As there are no poisons in the bait, the Mouse & Rat Attractant is ideal for use in Catch Alive cage traps as it won’t harm the animal that eats it, providing humane rat and mouse control.

How do I use the bait?

Where the Fresh ‘n Tasty bait is pre-filled on The Big Cheese traps, it will be covered inside a bait well. On first use, you’ll need to remove the bait well cover to expose the Fresh ‘n Tasty bait. All you need to do then is set and position the trap. It’s that simple.

Can I refill the bait?

Yes, Fresh ‘n Tasty bait is available as #163 Mouse & Rat Attractant. The plastic tube allows attractant to be squeezed into the desired area on the trap without mess. You can store any unused attractant in the tube with the cap screwed on tightly. There’s enough attractant in the 1oz dispenser to re-bait a trap up to 60 times.