Choosing your rodent trap

Choosing your rodent trap

There are a variety of different traps available for trapping rats and mice. The type of trap you’ll want to use will depend on the target rodent you need to catch. Your situation and personal preferences will also impact the decision. The Big Cheese has three clear categories to identify products: Catch & Kill, Catch Alive and Repel.

Identifying the target rodent

If you’re not quite sure whether you’re dealing with rats or mice, it’s important to discover which it is. It’s unlikely that you’ll have both. Know which you’re dealing with before wasting money on traps that capture the wrong pest.

Catch & Kill

These products are effective in attracting rodents and despatching them. Most Catch & Kill products from The Big Cheese come pre-filled with Fresh ‘n Tasty bait. All you have to do is remove the bait cover, set the trap and position it where there’s rodent activity. All traps are easy to set so there’s no added frustration.

Snap traps

The tried and tested method of rodent control, traditional snap traps are cheap. These can be re-used or disposed of with the first catch, it’s your choice. The springs on The Big Cheese snap traps are zinc-coated to prevent rust. These are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Best for: those on a budget.

Sure Kill

An upgrade from snap traps, The Big Cheese Sure Kill traps have a powerful spring mechanism. Made from plastic, they’re designed for re-use and are easy to clean. These traps need one click to set and one click to remove caught rodents.

Best for: those looking for a super simple, easy to use trap with effective results.

Seal ‘n’ Kill

Designed by The Big Cheese for those who don’t want to see the captured mouse. Not suitable for rats, the trap is big enough to allow a mouse to enter. Easy to bait and set. Once triggered, dispose of the whole trap. Trapped mice aren’t visible, and their bodies aren’t removable. These are ideal for use around children and pets. Can’t be re-used once triggered.

Best for: those who don’t want to see dead rodents.

Trap Kits

A plastic box houses a Sure Kill rat or mouse trap, keeping caught rodents hidden from children or pets. The box is lockable, making it difficult for fingers or paws to access the trap, or any dead rodents. The Sure Kill trap comes pre-baited and is easy to set. Re-usable, suitable for use indoors or outside.

Best for: where children or pets are present.

Catch Alive

If you’d prefer to avoid killing, The Big Cheese offers a selection of humane catch alive traps. Either release the trapped animal or euthanize it. Adhere to local laws when relocating wild animals. Remember to check live catch animal traps often to prevent unnecessary suffering. Read our tips on releasing caught animals.

Live mouse traps

Both live catch mouse traps from The Big Cheese catch more than one mouse at a time. These can be re-used time and time again, until your mouse infestation is under control. The galvanized steel TBC177 Heavy Duty mouse trap is ideal for use outdoors. The lightweight TBC162 is better suited to use indoors. Both are self-setting so you only need to bait before use.

Best for: catching more than one mouse without killing them.

Live rat traps

Our galvanized steel rat cage traps are long-lasting and durable. Rats won’t be able to chew their way out. They include a hand plate to provide safe transportation. The hand plate also offers a degree of protection to the animal against the elements. They’re easy to set and re-usable.

Best for: catching rats without killing them.

Selecting the right trap

If you still have questions about the traps from The Big Cheese, check our advice centre or product detail pages for more information.

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