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Catch & Kill

Catch & Kill

Conventional spring traps. Suitable for use in most home and garden areas.

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Catch Alive

Catch Alive

Safe for use around children and pets. Humane, welfare-friendly rodent control.

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Low-cost preventative pest control that works 24/7. Helps stop repeat infestations.

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Choosing your rodent trap

There are a variety of different traps available for trapping rats and mice. The type of trap you’ll want to use will depend on the target rodent you need to catch. Your situation and personal preferences will also impact the decision. The Big Cheese has three clear categories to identify products: Catch & Kill, Catch […]

Using Live Catch Traps

Live Catch (Catch Alive) mouse and rat traps provide a rodent control solution that’s welfare-friendly and safe to use around children and pets. However, the use of these traps requires the user to be more conscientious over the welbeing of the trapped animal. If using live catch rat and mouse traps, it’s important that you […]

What are the signs of rat and mouse activity?

If you know you live in an area where the likelihood of a rat or mouse infestation is high, then it’s worth regularly checking your home for signs of rodent activity. Perhaps you’ve spotted something unusual and you’re unsure whether this could be a sign you’ve had rats or mice move in. Using a torch, […]

Baiting Tips

Discovering you’ve got a rat or mouse infestation can be the start of a long rodent control process. Once you’ve decided what kind of trap you want to use, you need to make sure these are set and baited to ensure maximum effectiveness. Selecting the right bait can make the difference in being successful or […]

How to get rid of your rodent problem

If you’re tackling a rodent problem, you should understand exactly what you’re dealing with so you can take appropriate measures. It’s also important that you take preventative action to stop the issue happening again. Identifying the problem Recognise the signs of rodent activity; Spotting rats or mice alive or dead Droppings Traces or smell of […]

What are the differences between rats and mice?

As mice and rats are nocturnal creatures, it’s possible you may not know which one you’re dealing with in your home. You’ll want to adapt your control methods as one form of control may be more effective for mice than it is rats, and vice versa. Learning to spot the tell-tale signs of each will […]

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One female mouse can have approximately 5-10 litters of young per year!

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